Roast Paprika Chicken, Garbanzo Beans and Tomatoes over Couscous

Paprika is too overqualified as a garnish. It sits in the back of most spice racks behind the thyme, basil and rosemary. Blame it on the average grocery store’s fault for offering a pretty spice with no substance. I thought sour cream was the star of the traditional Hungarian dish, Chicken Paprikash. I love how gourmet stores, food television networks and online media have expanded our culinary repertoires.

Looking for ingredients for a spicy enchilada dish at a gourmet store, I discovered a Spanish Smoked paprika. There were three versions: bittersweet, sweet or spicy. I picked the sweet version and returned home. I gently dipped a spoon into the tin can to retrieve a hint of a taste. It was powder to the paprika pandemonium delicious. The future of my menus would alter dramatically. The social order of my spices shifted. Paprika was no longer limited as a garnish. It has become one of my favorite spices. I use it minimally, because it’s a dominant flavor.

The Roast Paprika Chicken, Garbanzo Beans and Tomatoes over Couscous recipe is simple and quick. Find the source of the recipe at the end of this post. My version may be more complicated. However, it’s a quick weekday meal.

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