Slow Cook Recipe: Chicken Stew with Roast Brussel Sprouts

Coq Au Vin

The original Chicken Stew, was made with thyme and parsley. This is a richer version, because I had extra rosemary, sage, and cream. The extra herbs are from the Cornish hens I’m making for Christmas. The roast brussel sprouts provided a garlic green taste, contrasting with the creamy texture. If cooking this stew for the six hours on high, the meat falls off the bone. Read more

A Sunday quick meal. In the a.m., brown the chicken and add to a slow cooker. Simmer wine in the same skillet as the chicken and pour into slow cooker. Dump the rest of the ingredients in a slow cooker. Enjoy a warm Fall day of football, museums, visiting friends, coffee shop, working, talking, shopping, laughing and partying. Come back in the p.m. Quickly make a salad. Open a bottle of wine. Remove lid from slow cooker. Serve yourself a hearty stew. Be in bed in the early p.m. Wake up to a good work week tomorrow a.m. Read more