Truffle Mustard Mac and Cheese

This is a mix and match recipe. It’s an odd couple strangely complementing each other. The taste is bewilderingly sensual. It includes an everyday condiment commonly used as a dipping sauce for school kids’ fries mixed with the world’s most sought after ingredient, in which only a pig’s nose will find. It’s a mac and cheese recipe made with wickedly sharp white cheddar cheese bechamel sauce and FungusAmongUs’ truffle mustardRead more

A Classic Turkey Bolognese Sauce Lasagna with Ricotta Cheese, Swiss Chard and Mushrooms

Last month, I was so busy with, I barely noticed PBS Food recognized as one of the top 10 food blogs of 2012. It was a brief ‘WOW’ moment, then I was back to work. Then, the congratulatory emails came forward. They were returned with humbled thank you’s. Then, I went back to work. A few days later, my food world friend, Nicole, host of the online radio show, Hot Grease, made a striking comment, “[Non-ethnic] media lists rarely mentioned food bloggers of color. And, you’re listed with a few well-known food bloggers.” Oh. Double. Wow. She caught my attention.

Being one of the many food bloggers of color listed in a major media list, I feel truly honored. When Courtney of emailed a congratulatory note, I told her, “Let’s hope more of us get recognized.” Ironically, her recipes are crazy creative, and she should have been listed as one of the best a long time ago. I could mention more food bloggers of color, but the list will fill a whole page (Visit’s Blogroll for recommendations). So, thank you, again, PBS Food for being one of the few non-ethnic media outlets to recognize a food blogger of color. I’m hoping to see more of my friends being recognized for their creativity in the kitchen. Also, in addition to cooking our favorite soul and Latin dishes, rely on us for other types of cuisines, too.  Read more

Appetizing Thoughts: Dr. Angelo A. Alonzo Hearts Your Health

The effects of eating unhealthy food isn’t always immediate. It’s why many people continue to have unhealthy eating habits… until it’s too late.  One result are heart attacks. If victims survive, they have to follow a strict diet if they value the continuity of their life. Butter, salt and sugar are usually completely eliminated from their diet. As a foodie, my heart goes out to them.

In today’s guest interview, Dr. Angelo A. Alonzo discusses his project, The Yale Heart Study. He’s concerned about how people get medical care as they experience heart attack symptoms. In the following interview, Dr. Alonzo shares his favorite heart warming recipe, Pasta with Artichokes, Leeks and Olives, as he discusses his project in detail. Read more

Rosemary Lamb Chops with sauté Beet Greens, Roast Beets and Artichoke Risotto

A promise was made to my boyfriend to never cook lamb chops again because of his ethical beliefs against eating red meat. Out of respect, my compromise is eating lamb chops when dining with girlfriends. It’s an expensive dish on most menus, but the price is pretty fair when cooking them at home. Recently, he started working on a major Broadway play. His rehearsals are on Sundays, our sit-down dinnertime. Out of all the promises and compromises we’ve made to each other, his good fortune is being celebrated by breaking the ‘no lamb chop in the house’ rule for my lonely Sunday dinners. Read more

Summer Tomato Sauce

Why become friends with the neighbor who has a large vegetable garden? You want to make this tomato sauce. It’s a simple recipe, but it requires the best ingredients. The best ingredients are garden fresh–minutes from being picked off the vine. At this time of year, gardens are overflowing with an abundance of overripe tomatoes, zucchini, eggplants, tender herbs, summer squash, and bell peppers. They’re the classic ingredients for making a simple, summer tomato sauce. Read more