Kale and Friseé Salad, Seared Tuna, Croutons and Matcha Green Tea Vinaigrette

As this is being written, it’s almost 2 in the morning. There’s a major deadline at work. A major deadline at home. There was a major deadline missed on Monday. Taxes are due in April. And, I’m trying to maintain what’s left of my sanity. My body aches every time I wake up in the morning. It begs for a few days of sleep. Normally, when waking up in the morning, I reach for a bold cup of coffee to feebly add a little energy to my tired body. This time a generous cup of The Republic of Tea’s u·matcha Green Tea Latte (recipe here) is whisked into a foamy drink. Matcha is green tea leaves grinded into a fine powder, and it has more caffeine than whole tea leaves. The amount of caffeine doesn’t cause my nerves to become jittery like coffee. Instead, the matcha (as with most teas) steadily increases my energy in an unnoticeable calm manner. With a banana, whole wheat toast slathered with butter and marmalade, I calmly start the day to weave in and out of crowded subways to walk up numerous stairs that lead into work.  Read more

A Farmer's Market Find: Cosnes
A Farmer’s Market Find: Cosnes

Getting up early last Saturday was the opportunity to go to the farmer’s market in the city. It was a nice winter warm day of walking pass stalls and creating a menu in my head for next week. Before it became too crowded, I was exiting the market with a heavy bag of Savoy cabbage, spicy turkey sausage, a smoked turkey wing to be placed in the freezer for Southern-style collard greens, gold rush apples, freshly baked pretzels as a low-fat snack, apple cider, and crosnes. Read more

Nicoise Salad
Nicoise Salad

It was a naughty day, for we slept in until the afternoon. A last minute decision was made to go to the gym and run a few miles. On our way out of the gym, we ran into friends who invited us to join them for pizza. It wasn’t the ideal meal to eat after running, but we accepted the offer. An hour later, a last minute shopping decision was spent looking at electronics before going grocery shopping. It was around 8 p.m. when we returned home. Albeit, it was a good day, but neither one of us wanted to return outside to pick up a takeout meal. After eating pizza earlier in the day, greasy delivery wasn’t an option. I decided to make a quick salad that was originally planned for Wednesday or Thursday’s dinner. The menu needed a healthy change to soothe the guilt.

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