Sahadi's on Atlanta Ave. in Brooklyn, NY

A Universal Taste {Jan. 9 to Jan. 16}

The Menu

Mole Chicken Enchiladas served with a Green Salad

Asian Chicken Noodle Soup
Black Iris on Dekalb Ave. in Brooklyn, NY

Poached Salmon with Tarragon sauce, Roasted Fingerling Potatoes served with a Green Bean and Walnut Salad

Our week was so busy, I didn’t have time to cook this week! I finally made the Asian Noodle soup, but with Shrimp instead on Saturday. The Salmon will be a Sunday meal for Jan. 17th.

Grocery Shopping

Sahadi’s Imports on Atlantic Ave. in Brookyn, NY

Sahadi's on Atlanta Ave. in Brooklyn, NY

Around the corner from Trader Joe’s in Brooklyn is Sahadis on Atlantic Avenue, a Middle Eastern importing company. A friend kindly reminded me to visit at the beginning of this year. Why did it take a while to visit, I don’t have a reasonable explanation. Buying food in bulk at Sahadis would’ve saved money a long time ago when I needed the extra change. Buying a prepackaged, one-pound bag of nuts or dried fruit could be costly. Especially, when only a few ounces are needed, and it’s not a common pantry item. However, I brought a container of pitted Kalamata olives for $3.00. It was cheaper per ounce than Trader Joe’s olives. I happened to make my visit on a Saturday afternoon, a crowded day for grocery shopping. It’s not a “help yourself” store; instead employees weigh and price your goods. It’s an old-fashioned shopping method of grabbing a ticket with a number and waiting for your turn to be called upon for assistance. This place will become my destination for bulk goods.

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