Mind Changed for a Healthy Week {Jan. 16 to Jan. 23}

Tarragon, Chives and Shallot
Tarragon, Chives and Shallot

Earlier in the week, I had my heart set on making macaroni and cheese. Then I went running Thursday and Friday, and my menu changed to a lighter, healthier fare. Now, I’m looking for soups and salads to prepare for the rest of the week.

The Menu

Steamed Salmon with Herbal sauce, Roasted Fingerling Potatoes served with a Green Bean and Walnut Salad

Smoked Turkey, Kale and Butter Bean soup
Moved to upcoming Sunday for Dinner. Feet still sore after Tuesday’s a.m. run. Decided Wednesday to start looking for new running sneakers and stay off feet until pain has lessened. This was a busy week with less time to cook. Ate hummus, pita bread and sharp cheddar cheese after returning home from looking for new sneakers.

Greek Salad in Pita bread
Since, I don’t return home until later in the evening because of work and the gym, it’s too late to eat or prepare a heavy meal.
See above for explanation.

Grocery Shopping

McNulty’s Tea & Coffee Co., Inc.

McNulty's Green Tea
McNulty’s Green Tea

Last night I had a dream of this guy making green tea to perfection. He heated the water just right. Used a whisk to whip a tea into a frenzy. Measured the time to a precision to make sure the leaves don’t burn (or was it matcha green tea powder I was dreaming about?). The excitement of the dream was watching his process. When he served a cup, it was an amazing taste. Each sip was floral and fruity, and I drank it slowly. I think I was served the tea of Gods in my dream.
I must have been dreaming about the Peach Green Tea I saw at McNulty’s. I usually don’t like fruity teas, but I lifted the lid to catch a whiff. It was pure aphrodisiac aromatic. I remained loyal to my taste by purchasing Sencha Premium Grade Japanese Green tea. If I’m dreaming about a Peach Green tea, then I should return to purchase it. Maybe it’ll replicate the tea I had in my dream.

The Lobster Place in Chelsea Market

The Lobster Place: Shrimp Selection
The Lobster Place: Shrimp Selection

When I cheat on a seafood dish, I buy frozen shrimp. When I want to splurge I buy it fresh. It was a difficult decision between the blue shrimp from Australia or the local shrimp. The farm-raised was cheaper, but I knew it would be tasteless. Australian Blue shrimp arrived frozen earlier in the week. I went with the Gulf shrimp, because it had never been frozen. The sweet, meaty taste made a major difference in the Asian Noodle Shrimp Soup.

Paperwhites: Week 2
Paperwhites: Week 2
“They look like aliens,” said the boyfriend as I placed several bulbs in water a week and half ago. They started off slow. Now, they’re growing a quarter to a half an inch a day. I’m looking forward to the first of my blossoming alien-looking bulbs in a week.

Paperwhites: Week 2.5

Paperwhites: Week 2.5
Paperwhites: Week 2.5

One bulb is reaching new heights and the other is experiencing a stunted growth. The florist gave me another bulb to alleviate my concern, but he also told me don’t give up on the shorter bulb. The shop recommended the water be changed and make sure the roots stay wet. The bulb should not be submerged in water.

Note: Read previous post, 2010. Relaunch {Jan. 3 to Jan. 9}, about the first week of growing paperwhites.

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