The expansive floor to ceiling windows of Shuchi Mittal’s apartment yields a swiping sunset over New York City. Cars in traffic look like toys from far above as their red lights signal a rush for uptown and the fading white lights signal a race for the Manhattan bridge. Closer to the apartment building, but still far below is a wintery landscape of barren trees and brownish-grey grass surrounding New York City’s judicial buildings. The almost completed World Trade Center’s windows reflect fading lights of pinks, purples and oranges of a setting sun. Across the river, a Brooklyn skyline emerges between Manhattan’s tall buildings. By the time the sun takes its final bow for the day, all of the guest have arrive at Mittal’s apartment for EatWith.com’s “Indian Tapas: Curry Bowls to Creative Bites.”  Read more

"Order Up" at Calle Ocho, NYC

A couple weeks ago, Calle Ocho, an Upper West side New York City restaurant, organized a tasting for New York City food bloggers. I’m still dreaming about the Bacon Wrapped Almond Stuffed Dates. The Cured Salmon, Aji Amarillo, Sour Orange and Pineapple ceviche lingers in my mind. Their Colombian Sweet Corn Arepa reminds me of an airy version of my Grandmother’s hot-water corn cakes. Read more

The Filling Station is located in the Chelsea Market, NYC.
The Filling Station is located in the Chelsea Market, NYC.

There was only enough time to be in and out of the Chelsea Market, New York City. A new shop, The Filling Station, caught my attention. Neatly displayed was a long row of metal canisters containing olive oil and vinegar. Another shelf was filled with glass jars of sea salt and sugar. Tasting each artisan product stalled my efforts of being a quick shopper. Read more