Umoja: Orange Palm Sugar Cake

Orange Palm Sugar Cake

Communities come together for various reasons: a devastating event, to raise money and a call for change. My idea for honestly started when learning about a popular food show host demonstrating a Kwanzaa cake. It’s obnoxiously funny and insulting at the same time. However, it inspired a question: Are there any Kwanzaa recipes? Kwanzaa is about supporting and celebrating the African Diaspora. Everyone of African descent has a recipe representing his or her country, culture, language, religion, community, tribe and family. And, we should celebrate and honor our diverse heritage, in a respectable tradition.

Such question was answered with an idea. The idea became a reality when Chrystal of agreed to help. It became dynamic when Bren of jumped into our project. Courtney of initially helped, but when her additional projects became too busy, Shelley of stepped in to take over. Last—and, definitely not least—Lisa of took over my group, making it easier for me to focus on content from December 1st to the 25th. With the six of us, we reached out to other food bloggers of the African Diaspora to share their food stories and recipes within our idea,

The wing of an airplane

Throughout this process, we balanced personal family emergencies, external projects and businesses related to our personal food blogs, and our careers. It wasn’t easy, yet with patience and trust we worked as a community to develop However, when I was hit with a personal family emergency that suddenly required me to fly out of town—I was beyond shocked.

Cara Cara Orange Slices

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