Radicchio Chicken Salad with Rosemary Vinaigrette

Radicchio Chicken Salad Sandwich

My boyfriend and I are both strong forces of nature. He’s always right. I’m always right. Learning to let go of expectations and going with the flow of life is more gratifying as winning a fight with my planned solution. As the “foodie” in the relationship, my tastes are quite difficult, confusing, and demanding. It’s not just about the food. There are opinions about synthetic perfumes. Using natural cleaning products that are better for the environment. Purchasing unhealthy snacks for the midnight hour. Buying mattresses made with natural materials. After all, my opinions are always right. Read more

Radicchio and Pear Salad

A sweet and savory Winter salad.

Winter’s Radicchio leaves and firm Bosc pears create a jewel of a salad lovingly enjoyed during the last few weeks of winter. Spring Equinox is about a month away. Piles of snow are melting, but let’s not rejoice too early. After a few years of living in New York, I’m not convinced the last of the snowstorms are finally in the past. It’s a bittersweet time of year full of warm anticipation, but snow flurries appear in April, too.

Most red and purple hued vegetables are honestly sweet. Au contraire for the reddish- purple and white leaves of radicchio, for it has a fresh bitter bite. Good looks fool most people. On occasion, I take advantage of radicchio’s bitter taste to fill it with generous spoonfuls of pungent blue cheese and toast walnuts. It’s an addictive snack. The strong flavors combined mellow into an honest, sweet taste. Read more

Radicchio Frittata

Radicchio Fritatta
Radicchio Fritatta

A few weeks ago, Menu-Masters.com, requested a guest post. The website emails weekly recipes and a shopping list to hurried individuals. There are menu plans for the unrestricted, vegetarians and gluten-aware diets. When thinking of what to contribute to Menu-Masters.com, I decided to write about the weekday breakfast. In addition, my thoughts are about crisp radicchio leaves and devising savory recipes with it. One such recipe, a Radicchio Frittata, came to mind. Enjoying this savory egg dish on a weekday is quite possible when meals are planned ahead. When packed and stored right, it’s enjoyed throughout the week. It’s an extravagant (and easy on the budget) recipe. If bacon is omitted, it’s a “Meatless Monday” dish. Visit Menu.Masters.com to read the guest post or get the recipe… Read more