"Order Up" at Calle Ocho, NYC

A couple weeks ago, Calle Ocho, an Upper West side New York City restaurant, organized a tasting for New York City food bloggers. I’m still dreaming about the Bacon Wrapped Almond Stuffed Dates. The Cured Salmon, Aji Amarillo, Sour Orange and Pineapple ceviche lingers in my mind. Their Colombian Sweet Corn Arepa reminds me of an airy version of my Grandmother’s hot-water corn cakes. Read more

Director Geron Wetzel’s documentary, “EL BULLI: COOKING IN PROGRESS,” opens with Chef Ferran Adria tasting a fluorescent lollipop made of a Japanese fluorescent fish made from a pastry chef in the U.S, in which the inside of Adria’s month glows brighter. The film transitions to El Bulli’s staff in the process of closing the restaurant for a length of time. The silverware is meticulously wrapped as uncommon and high tech food devices, such as a vacuum machine, are packed on to a truck. The machines’ destination is a taller, or a kitchen studio. From there, viewers have the opportunity to observe the creative process behind the innovative dishes of El Bulli. Read more