Hurry to D.C. Curry Chicken Salad

Washington, D.C is always a pleasant road trip from New York. If we don’t encounter traffic along the way, it’s even a better drive. Road trips provide a chance to have “catch-up” conversations, read a book and relax. Most of all, seeing family is always fun. At our destination, my sister served strawberry margaritas, and she cooked breakfast the next morning. It was a relaxing vacation from my kitchen.

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Fighting Stress with Spice: Curry Chicken Stew in a Slow Cooker

Curry Chicken Stew

If breakfast is the starter meal of a day, then Sunday is the starter meal of the work week. Reviewing the schedule for the upcoming week, it revealed little time for cooking a meal. Sunday dinner needed a recipe for the crock pot. The meal needed to be hearty and large to last a few extra days. The additional stress endured this week will be counteracted with a spicy Curry Chicken stew. Meals with little nutritional value will only feed the stress.

Sunday starts with our audacity to accept a invitation to a wonderful performance. After returning home from seeing Emperor Jones at the SoHo Playhouse, it was a relief to know dinner would be quickly served. As we waited for the rice to cook — 45 minutes for brown rice — we worked on our projects. When the rice was ready and the garnishes were prepped, we ate a spicy stew and enjoyed the evening. During the week, I will remember this relaxing moment in the midst of chaos.

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