Sweet and Savory Chocolate Dipped Crackers with a Creamy Cheese

Sweet and Savory Chocolate Dipped Crackers

Gojee.com is having a potluck party. My dish is simple: Crackers and cheese. That’s it. It’s best to keep it simple, instead of introducing a complex dish. Of course, everyone’s dish is going to be superbly unique. It’s not a competition, but it’s necessary to try my best. After all, we drool and glaze at each other photographs. This time, we’re tasting the creation.

My idea starts with a simple recipe: Crackers. They literally take 30 minutes from prep to serving. That’s the same amount of time it takes to buy crackers at a store. These aren’t basic flour and butter crackers, for they’re “whatever’s in my pantry” flavor. I started by adding lemon to the basic recipe. Then I changed the recipe to include cornmeal and chili spices. Lastly, rosemary and wheat are classically paired together. I’m proud of my quick creation. However, there’s a little encouraging voice in my mind to push this plain cracker idea further. Continue reading Sweet and Savory Chocolate Dipped Crackers with a Creamy Cheese

Chocolate Coffee Cake and Gojee.com

Chocolate Coffee Cake with Almonds and Raspberries

Besides, having a Taste of Chobani contest to help keep July cool (Have you entered? Contest ends July 12th), this is a hot month of announcements. The first announcement is MyLifeRunsOnFood.com is one of the many featured food bloggers of the recently launched Gojee.com (site no longer exist). It’s an innovative website linking a select group of food blogger recipes searchable by the ingredients. The photos are a major attraction and the navigation is visually drool-worthy. Time was loss glazing at photos of decadent chocolate desserts. At least that’s what happened to me… Continue reading Chocolate Coffee Cake and Gojee.com