Love by Mail: Sweet Muse Brownies

Sweet Muse Brownies
Sweet Muse Brownies

The last time a package of cookies was delivered, it was for a dear friend who always listens to everyone’s problems. Perhaps, I was subconsciously thinking of her, when a quick batch of oatmeal cookies were made in a tiny dorm kitchen. When the cookies had cooled, they were packed, postmarked and dropped in the mail to be delivered to Boston. It was a pleasant break from my graduate work, and the deed was forgotten. A few days later, a call was received with my dear friend crying thank you. Apparently, the package arrived around her birthday and she was enduring a stressful period of a broke down car, job woes and roommate issues. The arrival of the cookies was her omen of best wishes that somewhere out in a crazy world, someone cares. It was a coincidence the package arrived in time, because her birthday wasn’t marked on my calendar. Since then, she has requested cookies to be delivered around her birthday every year. If time were available, her wish would be granted.

Laura Siner, the owner of Sweet Muse Brownies, has solved the dilemma. She bakes brownies and cookies to be shipped anywhere in the country or hand delivered in Manhattan, New York. My Sweet Muse package arrived on a Saturday morning. The landlord placed the package at the foot of the stairs leading to the apartment. After enduring a hard week and sleepless nights, it was a timely arrival. The rest of the weekend was spent working on projects. By Sunday evening, an award was deserved. A brown box wrapped in a red ribbon was removed from the post office package. Laura had written a note, “Hope you enjoy these brownies.” Untying the red ribbon, lifting the lid from the brown box and then removing the cellophane from the brownies, a quote at the base of the brownie appeared on a red rectangular paper.

“Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet. Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, ambition inspired, and success achieved.” by Helen Keller

Unpacking Sweet Muse Brownies
Unpacking Sweet Muse Brownies

It’s a sweet inspiration to start another workweek. A few stressful days would pass, when another award was needed in the evening. The delicious flavor, a Pecan and Toffee Brownie, was savored slowly. Sweet awards that have a heavenly taste are worth the trial and suffering that stress will cause.

Ordering the brownies online, gift prices range from $8.50 for two to $59.00 for a large tray of 96 brownies*. In addition, wedding favors and corporate gifts can be purchased. The flavors include a no nut variety, a hazelnut swirl, a peppermint candy and blondies. Choose random quotes based on a chosen theme or custom create a message.

These days, people send virtual desserts. They’re little cartoons of a birthday cake or cookies. Maybe someone gets lucky and receives a card with a nice photograph. Starting at $8.50 for two brownies, an actual gift can be enjoyed more than a pixel or a paper image. Isn’t Mother’s Day this weekend and Father’s Day next month? Maybe, someone’s been exercising too much? There is a particular friend who wants a delivery of cookies for her birthday. Brownies are faster.

Visit to order your next gift of homemade brownies.

*The large tray is only available via hand delivery in Manhattan, New York.

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