The Ultimate Hoagie Sandwich

The Hoagie Sandwich

My Pre-Kindergarten days have a dark side. It starts with a single file line walk towards the cafeteria. We were place in pre-assigned small chairs at low-rising tables to anxiously wait for lunch to arrive. I prayed for my favorite lunch, for there was a rule: No recess until plates are clean. My prayers were answered on some days. On other days, my classmates and I were served a baloney and mustard sandwich, and I wasn’t blessed with recess. It was also the moment, where my teacher and I lock eyes.

The Hoagie Sandwich

One by one, after finishing their sandwiches, my little classmates would get up from their table to run wild in the playground. Eventually, the teacher and I would be alone in the small room. She would ask me to eat the sandwich. “I don’t like it,” I replied. She sighed and pulled up a chair in front of me. Cut the sandwich in small pieces. With her left hand she grabbed my face to force my month to open, and her right hand placed the first horrid piece into my mouth. The unpleasant piece was slowly chewed away and forcefully swallowed. With no where to hide, I would cry. This would continue until not a crumb was left on the plate, and recess was over.

The Ingredients of a Hoagie Sandwich

It would be many years before my taste buds reconciled with mustard, and I have yet to like baloney meat. Not being a sandwich fan, I couldn’t resist making a hoagie sandwich one afternoon. It’s a simple sandwich with a few of my favorite ingredients.

In the spirit of people returning to school or from a long summer vacation, enjoy this “how-to make a hoagie sandwich” slide show for a few better ideas than the basic mustard and baloney. Don’t have any worries, for no little kids were force fed.

Click on each picture to get a description for each sandwich ingredient.

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2 thoughts on “The Ultimate Hoagie Sandwich

  • September 10, 2011 at 10:23 am

    mustard was also an acquired taste for me… I was lucky no one forced it upon me. I used to order “medianoches”, the smaller brother to the Cuban Sandwich, without mustard or pickles for a long time before I grew to like them!!!

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