Plum Cardamon Chicken Wings

Plum Cardamon Chicken Wings

What to do with plums left over from those last days of summer? I wouldn’t recommend serving them fresh, because they’re not quite their best anymore. However, here’s a sauce making best use of those late season, mealy plums for chicken wings or using as a dip for French fries. Where to serve them? It’s the start of another football season, and sports parties always have chicken wings. Meanwhile, my excitement for fall is because of the new television shows. This season, I’m watching Scandal and Boardwalk Empire. Continue reading Plum Cardamon Chicken Wings

Sweet and Savory Chocolate Dipped Crackers with a Creamy Cheese

Sweet and Savory Chocolate Dipped Crackers is having a potluck party. My dish is simple: Crackers and cheese. That’s it. It’s best to keep it simple, instead of introducing a complex dish. Of course, everyone’s dish is going to be superbly unique. It’s not a competition, but it’s necessary to try my best. After all, we drool and glaze at each other photographs. This time, we’re tasting the creation.

My idea starts with a simple recipe: Crackers. They literally take 30 minutes from prep to serving. That’s the same amount of time it takes to buy crackers at a store. These aren’t basic flour and butter crackers, for they’re “whatever’s in my pantry” flavor. I started by adding lemon to the basic recipe. Then I changed the recipe to include cornmeal and chili spices. Lastly, rosemary and wheat are classically paired together. I’m proud of my quick creation. However, there’s a little encouraging voice in my mind to push this plain cracker idea further. Continue reading Sweet and Savory Chocolate Dipped Crackers with a Creamy Cheese

Blood Oranges, Grapes and Italian Pistachios in Rose Water

May we ring in the New Year on a refreshing start. The holidays gave me a few extra pounds that I intend to give away by Spring. I forgot we were invited to a Kwanzaa celebration. That means, I don’t have to cook a New Year’s dinner. After the midnight champagne toast, it’ll be nice to wake up to a citrus salad and lounge around the house until it’s time to socialize. Happy twenty-ten.

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Sweet Corn and Cheese Pasties

I decided to make these mini cheese explosions as my gift to the coworker who invited us to her Astoria, Queens apartment for a holiday party. Don’t get intimated by the “one to many” steps. They’re not complicated. Even if the pastry has a few tears in it, it only adds to the drama of the final piece. It took 15 to 20 minutes to make the filling. An hour to fill, fold and twist all the cheesy treats. It’s a quick, impressive gift for a hostess greeting you a Merry Christmas.

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