Roasted Turks Squash and Duck Bacon Risotto garnished with Lemon Balm.
Roasted Turk Turban Squash and Duck Bacon Risotto garnished with Lemon Balm.

It’s initially confusing when the Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) share includes a turks turban squash. It’s mostly used as decoration in Fall displays surrounded by fiery golden-hued leaves. The winter green outer skin is mottled with warm colors of the season. Its shape is the namesake, for this squash resembles a scarf wrapped around a person’s head. Momentarily forgetting that the CSA doesn’t provide objects for interior design, the turks turban squash is placed on a kitchen counter as decoration. A couple days later, I remember “this decoration” is an edible vegetable. Read more

Jollof Rice
Jollof Rice

Some would say Jollof, or Benachin, Rice is similar to a Latin American Arroz Con Pollo, a Spanish Paella or Korean Bibimbap. Jollof Rice is a West African dish, primarily from Senegal. The ground spices, such as cinnamon, cumin, coriander and chilies, are what make this rice dish unique and spicy. With Africa being a vast continent, one questions if there are additional spices used in this dish that Western culture has yet to learn.

Based on previous experiments, deciding to write a about an African recipe is a daunting task. With my familiarity of Southern African-American dishes, African cuisine should have been innate. Cornbread, Southern Collard Greens, Brazilian Collard Greens, Blackeye Peas and Sweet Potato Pie are all part of the African diaspora. Since, learning how to cook, there’s been a few African dishes made, but most of them are trashed before anyone knew about it. Read more