Appetizing Thoughts: Pearl Lee Q’s Vegetable Que

Deb & Theo of Pearl Lee Q

Trying to eat more vegetables during this carnivorous Fourth of July? No problem. Slap your grill with perfectly seasoned slices of sweet potatoes, red bell pepper, eggplant, zucchini and other vegetables. The grill is a hearty flavor enhancer for caramelizing vegetables competing with those saucy baby back ribs. Either do it yourself or hire a caterer that specializes in both carnivore and vegan dishes.

Pearl Lee Q’s, LLC, a Bar-B-Que catering business based in Brooklyn, not only tantalizes the palate with their smoked meats and poultry, salmon and veggie burgers, and signature Dirty Dawg; they also prepare vegetable entrees and side dishes for your July 4th or summer backyard event into a healthier and heartier fare. As one guest said, “It’s a symphony of flavors!”

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