Bed-Vyne Wine’s Thanksgiving Tasting

Bed-Vyne Wine Shop Postcard

There’s a new wine store in my Brooklyn neighborhood. The shop, Bed-Vyne Wine, is located on the corner Tompkins and Putnam. In their small, specially designed space, their selection of wines is organized by taste: Earthy, Floral, Sweet, Port, Sparkling and so forth. It makes searching for wine quite easy for burgeoning oenophiles (myself included that category).

Bed-Vyne Wine Shop

Last week, Bed-Vyne Wine hosted a Thanksgiving tasting, in which food vendors and wine distributors offered samples. Among the desserts, Brown Butter Brooklyn’s pies stood out for being flavorful without the sugar shock taste. I had multiple samples of her Chocolate Brown Butter Pecan Pie, made sans corn syrup. Lenny the Chef offered vegetarian salads with clean ingredients; for I loved the forbidden black rice he served. For a creative and fun twist of cornbread, The Chocodile Bakes use ginger in his lightly sweet cornbread with a smear of ginger whipped butter cream and garnished with crystallized ginger. I especially appreciated his Southern-influenced gritty texture of the cornbread. La Caille, a personal chef and cater, offered a savory and sweet Cranberry Apple Compote on a Spice Yam Chip with Candied Walnuts. The friendly couple, Wayne and Tracie, of Lonestar Taco offered a delicious Chipotle Chicken Chalupita. They’re available for catering as they continue searching for a space to open their restaurant. (Disclaimer: The following wine list isn’t in any particular order to reflect favoritism.)

Bed-Vyne Wine Shop's Thanksgiving Food Tasting

1. Brown Butter Brooklyn’s Organic Ginger Pumpkin Pie
2. For more information on ordering, visit
3. Brown Butter Brooklyn’s Chocolate Brown Butter Pecan Pie
4. Lenny the Chef’s Butternut Squash, Roast Zucchini, Dried Cranberry with Bermuda Onions and Scallion salad
5. Lenny the Chef’s Forbidden Rice with Red and Orange peppers, Leeks, and Tamari
6. The Chocodile Bakes’ Ginger Cornbread with a light whipped cream frosting garnished with crystallized ginger
7. La Caille Catering’s Spice Braised Pork Loin on Fried Plantain chips with pickled red onion
8. La Caille Catering’s Cranberry Apple Compote on Spice Yam Chip with Candied Walnuts
9. Lonestar Taco’s Chipotle Chicken Chalupitas

The tasting for wine were endless thanks to the many distributors. The following is a list of wines that are thoughtful gifts for Thanksgiving hosts. For Bedstuy, Brooklyn residents, the following picks are available for delivery. Visit to see if your residence is within their delivery zone. (Disclaimer: The following food list isn’t in any particular order to reflect favoritism.)

Bed-Vyne Wine Shop's Thanksgiving Wine Tasting

1. Noble Hill’s 2010 Sauvignon Blanc: A good balance of fruity and grassy notes, crisp and bright. From a small town 45 minutes outside of Capetown, South Africa
2. Orfila’s 2009 Chardonnay: A surprise slight effervesce, slight toast from aging 3 months in oak barrels, vanilla and warm
3. Chateau de Faise, Bordeaux Superieur, France: An earthy, dry, lemony, clean and blackberry red
4. Laudate Dominum: A clean and sweet muscat without the cough syrup aftertaste
5. Val d’Oca Prosecco from Italy: Buttery and toasty sparkling wine
6. Noval Black: A port from Portugal specially made to pair with chocolate

Bed-Vyne Wine Shop Signage

No longer do I travel over the river, through the woods and board the A train to Manhattan for a specialty wine shop. It’s now a refreshing walk in my own neighborhood towards Bed-Vyne Wine.

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  • November 29, 2011 at 3:20 pm

    Hi guys, Kristopher from Noble Hill: so glad that you enjoyed the Sauvignon Blanc. We enjoy making it! A bit of fruit from our estate blended with a bit of fruit from Stellenbosch gives it a balance between structure/acidity and tropical fruit. Can’t wait to visit the store next time I am in New York! Best of luck this holiday season!

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