Adapting to Less Time

Spicy Tomato Sauce with Shrimp, Chickpea and Roast Asparagus

For the first two to three years of, I was partially or fully unemployed. My hours were spent writing cover letters, resumes and recipes. The food blog enabled me to have a routine, stay creative and hopeful. The recipes created during that time period, continue to be my favorite meals.

During that time period, I recall a conversation with several friends about how process food isn’t as fast as preparing a home cook meal. Then there’s a lone voice among us who disagreed with us as she explained, “…for working families… it’s difficult to prepare healthy meals, join a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) or a food co-op…” I was curious about her statement. Despite being unemployed, I wondered if my concept of time management around healthy eating was within the realities of single parents and families working full-time.

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Say Yassss to Spring

Baked Eggs in Harissa Spice Tomatoes Sauce with Quinoa and Kale

Say yasssssss to Spring being around the corner, especially after we had one too many snowstorms this past winter. As I’m writing this, we’re due for another snowstorm (or dusting) the next day. Usually my refrigerator is packed with flour, buttermilk, orange juice, eggs and maple syrup for a pancake breakfast. This time, there will be no pancakes to celebrate another snowflake.

Overlooking the buttermilk, I remove left over red quinoa from a salad made earlier in the week. I find other ingredients for a quick breakfast: Crisp baby kale, a new jar of harissa spice, fresh thyme and plenty of eggs. On a whim, a savory tomato and egg dish with a bit of harissa spice was made.

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Jolloff Rice, A Senegalese-Inspired Dish for Africa Day

Jollof Rice
Jollof Rice

Some would say Jollof, or Benachin, Rice is similar to a Latin American Arroz Con Pollo, a Spanish Paella or Korean Bibimbap. Jollof Rice is a West African dish, primarily from Senegal. The ground spices, such as cinnamon, cumin, coriander and chilies, are what make this rice dish unique and spicy. With Africa being a vast continent, one questions if there are additional spices used in this dish that Western culture has yet to learn.

Based on previous experiments, deciding to write a about an African recipe is a daunting task. With my familiarity of Southern African-American dishes, African cuisine should have been innate. Cornbread, Southern Collard Greens, Brazilian Collard Greens, Blackeye Peas and Sweet Potato Pie are all part of the African diaspora. Since, learning how to cook, there’s been a few African dishes made, but most of them are trashed before anyone knew about it. Read more