Strawberry Shortcake

The doctor’s orders are to rest, take it easy and walk around just a little. My parents have firmly told me not to cook. The boyfriend brought strawberries. There’s fresh cream in the refrigerator. My girlfriend seriously asked me what are my plans tonight. I told her I was going to dance the night away and have a few drinks. I wish. Strawberry Shortcake will cure me through this month of being off my feet.  Read more

Rhubarb Cornmeal Upside-Down Cake

Can sunny days sweep the clouds away on the way to where the air is sweet? I’m thinking about sunny days to the tune of Sesame Street’s theme song. The few warm days we’re granted this Spring are greeted with relief only to be disappointed with cooler days to follow. As May is coming to an end without a sign of consistent warm weather, at least rhubarb arrived on time for an upside-down cornmeal cake.  Read more

Magnolia Buds
Magnolia Buds

It would be an careless decision
to spend the year’s first warm weekend in a kitchen.
The ground is still spotty brown and green.
Yellow forsythia and crocuses
announce the appending arrival of Spring.
Magnolias trees hold green pods of blossoms
screaming warmer days are finally here.
Under the Cherry Moon,
Prince once crooned,
“Sometimes it Snows in April.”