Cue in Theme song: Introducing “The Mc{Your Surname Here} Breakfast Sandwich!”

My mother was known for her pancakes and waffles, but my father was known for his savory breakfast of eggs, sausages and cheese. I still remember him passing me a breakfast sandwich wrapped in wax paper as we quickly rushed out the door for school. His version had toasted bread, tomatoes, eggs and bacon. Admittedly, I didn’t like it, because I have an aversion to running eggs. In addition, the flavors were probably too much for my young palate. Now, I enjoy making these sandwiches and wrapping them in wax paper, especially when the boyfriend has a busy morning appointment. The version pictured with this post was made with homemade biscuits, in which the biscuits are a weekend treat. A weekday version is made with wheat bread from a bakery that is lightly toasted.

I’m not going to write a step-by-step recipe for making the same exact sandwich. Use your preference for eggs, bread, vegetables and/or meat when assembling your Mc{your surname}. Come back to this post to share your version of the breakfast sandwich.

Breakfast Sandwich


  • Biscuits or Bread
  • sunny-side up egg or an omelet
  • meat (example: Bacon or smoked salmon)
  • greens (lettuce of preference)
  • fresh herbs (sometimes basil can replace lettuce)
  • vegetables (roasted piquillo peppers and tomatoes are a few options)
  • Thinly sliced cheese of your choice


  1. If using biscuits, slice in half.
  2. Stack ingredients of choice on top of the bottom piece.
  3. “Close” the sandwich using the other side of the bread. Use a toothpick, if needed, to hold sandwich securely.
  4. Wrap and run to work.