Orange Cornbread with Greek Yogurt and Blackberry Sauce

Orange Cornbread with Greek Yogurt and Blackberry Sauce
Buttermilk Cornbread with Greek Yogurt and Blackberry Sauce

The other day, a girlfriend and I were talking about cornbread. Northerns, influenced by a commercial brand, prefer cornbread to be a sweet cake. Southerns prefer their cornbread to be less sweet, and the further deep in the country one goes, the recipe doesn’t have sugar in it at all. It’s usually paired with collard greens that are naturally sweet from being picked after the first frost of the year. Growing up, I wasn’t partial to my father’s sugarless cornbread. The older I get, less sugar is added to my Buttermilk Cornbread recipe as well. To prove everyone’s taste is personal, apparently, the boyfriend wants more sugar in his slice. Damn, Yankee.

Cathy’s glazed cornbread recipe at is a sweet idea. She adds lemon flavors to make her version shine. Being influenced by her idea, the recipe is adjusted to a less sugary personal taste, and oranges replace the lemons. Instead of layering a sugary glaze, a dollop of Greek yogurt is substituted as a healthier option. It makes a lovely Saturday morning breakfast served with unsweetened red chai tea.

Recipe adapted from’s Lemon Cornmeal Cake with Lemon Glaze and Crushed-Blueberry Sauce recipe. She makes a sweeter version that’s delicious.

Buttermilk Orange Cornbread

1. The recipe for Buttermilk Cornbread.
2. Add the zest of one orange to the dry ingredients
3. {Optional} Reduce sugar to under 1/4 cup

Blackberry Sauce

The zest and the juice of one orange, plus the juice from the orange that was zested for the cornbread
1/2 to 1 cup of fresh blackberries
2 tbsp. sugar
pinch salt

1. Place the zest, juice, sugar and salt in one small sauce pan. Heat over medium temperature. Stir until sugar dissolves.

2. Add blackberries and let mixture simmer.

3. Remove from heat when the berries are soften. Lightly smash berry mixture. Place in the refrigerator until cold.

Plating the Buttermilk Orange Cornbread with Greek Yogurt and Blackberry Sauce

1. Place one slice of the Buttermilk Orange Cornbread onto a plate.

2. Add a dollop of unsweetened Greek yogurt onto the cornbread.

3. Spoon Blackberry Sauce on top.

4. Serve and enjoy.

4 thoughts on “Orange Cornbread with Greek Yogurt and Blackberry Sauce

  • May 27, 2010 at 11:19 pm

    Oh! My! The greek yogurt+blackberries would be the most spectacular balance to cornbread, sweetened or not. For the record…I’m with you, the less sugar the better..even though I was raised in the north, but maybe that’s because my Mother’s family is from the south. I dunno. Anyway – GREAT posting. Love it.

  • May 24, 2010 at 11:57 pm

    oh I love cornbread, sweet or not..but with yogurt and blackberries..even this


  • May 24, 2010 at 12:44 am

    Despite my sweet tooth, I am partial to less-sweet cornbread (unless it’s supposed to be a corn muffin – a whole ‘nother nosh!) But I love how you’ve changed up the sweetness with more bright flavor from tangy yogurt and tart berries. This is the way to start a weekend!

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