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Ginger Peach Tea Mussels and Shrimp

A long time ago, friends highly recommended two dollar boxes filled with 30 bags of green tea. It was the trendy, recently discovered (in Western culture) ingredient. Everyone was talking about all its health benefits, such as weight loss, clear skin, detox and low cholesterol. It cures (fill in your health problem here). Back then, I drank a cup in the morning and another cup in the afternoon. Then, one day as I was strolling in the health food store, I picked up a nicely designed steel can of 50 green tea in unbleached bags (free of unnecessary tags, strings and staples). As a designer, I was immediately attracted to the packaging. The label had all the buzz words demonstrating good citizenry in the world: organic, The People’s Green Tea and social good activities. The first sip was refreshing. The second sip I threw the cheap green tea boxes away. The third sip, I wanted to learn more about tea inspired by The Republic of Tea.

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Hibiscus Tea featuring “Teaspoons and Petals”

Loose Leaf Hibiscus Tea sweetened with Cream Honey
Loose Leaf Hibiscus Tea sweetened with Cream Honey

Besides talking and thinking about food, I dream of mint, matcha, oolong, pu-erh, ginger, darjeeling, and sencha tea to name only a few. Similar to my passion for rediscovering and developing classic recipes with real ingredients, I am curious about the origin tea. It started with purchasing inexpensive green tea bags in Chinatown. Over a few weeks, my complexion cleared. A friend would later tell me how green tea detoxes the blood. My interest in tea starts out of vanity, and it expands into how different teas benefit our health.

Across the blog universe, I discovered Alexis Siemon’s Teaspoons & Petals. Her writing is poetic and quaint. Reading her blog is similar to taking a tea break in a whirlwind of a busy day. My knowledge about tea skims the surface, but her passion for tea is deep. I invited Alexis to write a guest post, and she provided a collage of beautiful teapots. Read more