Start the Year by Improving Bad Habits and Trying New Food Pairings

Maple Cumin Bread
Maple Cumin Bread

My knowledge of wine could be more than the average person, for I know my basic pairings with food. I’m also not an aficionado when it comes to tea, but I know enough to start with loose-leaf tea leaves and the different steeping times. However, my knowledge of beer is flat. Last autumn, Jo of — a true tea connoisseur — invited me to her Beer and Tea pairing event in Harlem. Although, my time management is a work in progress, I missed the demonstration. However, I was able to sample Organic Golden Monkey Black, Jasmine Green and Alishan Oolong teas while nibbling on beer flavored popcorn, spicy dried mango from Trader Joe’s (that’s now part of my grocery list) and dark chocolate.

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Relax, It’s Saturday Morning

Ricotta Pancakes served with The Republic of Tea's Summer Tea

Since I’ve returned to working from 9 to 5, Saturday is the only day of the week, in which I can sleep in without waking up to an alarm clock. Meanwhile, the boyfriend wakes up super early to train clients or box with friends. A couple weeks ago, he started asking about breakfast (or brunch) being ready by casually mentioning the time he was returning home from the gym. The hints were well taken, and I realize our Saturday breakfast ritual was missed.

I’ve been meaning to make Ricotta Cheese Pancakes for a while, but my body won’t allow me to wake up early enough to make them. When the boyfriend dropped the hint of what time he was returning from the gym on Saturday morning as early as Thursday night, I made sure to purchase ricotta cheese for the weekend. Lucky for me, the time he was returning home still allowed a few extra hours of happy sleep.

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Be Active Everyday

Farro Yogurt Muffins with Be Active Tea

Maybe it’s a bit neurotic to drink a cup of The Republic of Tea’s Be Active tea made for each phase of my exercise or daily routine. Since the set of teas is a caffeine-free, herbal blend made with green rooibos–that is full of antioxidants–the benefit exceeds my neurosis. Besides, drinking a few cups is a global benefit (good karma), because the tea is sustainably and economically helping the rainforest and a community in Zeekoevlei Farm in South Africa. It’s why this set of teas are Rainforest Alliance certifiedContinue reading Be Active Everyday

Hibiscus Tea featuring “Teaspoons and Petals”

Loose Leaf Hibiscus Tea sweetened with Cream Honey
Loose Leaf Hibiscus Tea sweetened with Cream Honey

Besides talking and thinking about food, I dream of mint, matcha, oolong, pu-erh, ginger, darjeeling, and sencha tea to name only a few. Similar to my passion for rediscovering and developing classic recipes with real ingredients, I am curious about the origin tea. It started with purchasing inexpensive green tea bags in Chinatown. Over a few weeks, my complexion cleared. A friend would later tell me how green tea detoxes the blood. My interest in tea starts out of vanity, and it expands into how different teas benefit our health.

Across the blog universe, I discovered Alexis Siemon’s Teaspoons & Petals. Her writing is poetic and quaint. Reading her blog is similar to taking a tea break in a whirlwind of a busy day. My knowledge about tea skims the surface, but her passion for tea is deep. I invited Alexis to write a guest post, and she provided a collage of beautiful teapots. Continue reading Hibiscus Tea featuring “Teaspoons and Petals”