A Sappy Love for Tonewood Maple

Maple Pecan Granola

Like most kids, I grew up with pseudo maple syrup. I can’t recall the first time Mother Nature’s version was introduced to my kitchen, but the switch to the real sap had to be an immediate choice over the brand with corn syrup and caramel color. When Tonewood Maple Syrup approached MyLifeRunsOnFood.com to participate in their Tasting Troupe program, I didn’t hesitate to answer yes. Tonewood Maple Syrups are pure, unblended, doesn’t have artificial flavors and they work with small farmers. A portion of all sales is donated to 1% for the Planet to support University of Vermont’s Proctor Maple Research Center’s* climate change research efforts with a focus on improving harvesting technology and understanding maple trees.  Read more

Raspberry Molasses Granola

Raspberry Molasses Granola

Homemade Raspberry Granola

We’re extremely blessed to have a full refrigerator of leftover dinner from New Year’s Day, and I don’t want to bake or cook another dish for the next few days. As I wondering what to contribute this week that won’t add another dish to the refrigerator or extra pounds to our waistlines, I notice we’re quickly going through the granola cereal. A good quality granola cereal with less processed ingredients isn’t cheap. Read more

Oatmeal Goes Fancy

Oatmeal brings back memories of trying to convince my mother to add more brown sugar to my bowl. Of the different types of oatmeal: steel cut, rolled, or instant, my preference for rolled oats remains the same. It’s the coarser texture created when cooked in water, but most people enjoy their oats cooked in milk for a creamy consistency. In recent years, oatmeal brands have introduced instant varieties with artificial flavorings. Here’s a few instant and natural ideas that are healthier than the store-brought flavors. May your day have a sweet start.

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