Mom Said to “Eat Less, Exercise More”

A forkful of pancakes

Some time ago, I noticed extra weight gain. A panicked call was made to Mom. In a harsh and sweet tone of a voice, she said, “You know how to eat healthy. Now eat less and exercise more,” she continued with the reality of my dilemma, “…if you gain weight now, it’s difficult to get it off… You’re older and the weight doesn’t come off like it use to. There’s no excuse for being fat.”

Some may view the advice as insensitive. Personally, I appreciate the seriousness of it. Why cry about it when the solution is simple: Eat less and exercise more. The following morning, I was up at 6 am for a quick two-mile run. A food diary was started to find potential problems, which revealed large portions of food and too much sugar.

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Never Forget these Pecan Bars

Pecan Bars

Potato Chips, fruity and hard candies, twirly sugar sticks, chewy caramels, salty pretzels and raw nuts were not my childhood friends. Among the most offending taste were raw nuts. The taste of peanuts are what I image wood to taste like, but I love peanut butter. And, I will never understand people’s obsession with salted sunflower seeds as they spit speckled shells onto subway train floors. Then there’s the pecans. They’re a different nut.

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A True Blueberry Pecan Cake

Blueberry Pecan Cake
Blueberry Pecan Cake

Wishing everyone a Happy July 4th weekend, this post is for Casey Angelova of the food blog, Eating, Gardening & Living in Bulgaria. For the past few months, she has invited food bloggers to submit their recipes under a cultural theme. July’s theme honors the American Independence Day. Apparently, there is a belief that America doesn’t have a culture, nor does it have a cuisine. Such opinions are far away from the truth. Continue reading A True Blueberry Pecan Cake