Broccoli and Pear Salad with Ginger Yogurt Vinaigrette

After a few years, it finally caught me. A type of cold that makes your muscles ache, gives knock-out headaches, and a non-stop running nose. There’s only so much chicken soup, orange juice and ginger tea I can take until my body starts feeling better. In between all the bland and mushy food, here’s a crunchy salad with sweet pears, lightly steamed cold-fighting broccoli and toasted almonds. Drizzle the spicy and immune building Ginger Yogurt Vinaigrette over the salad to finish this dish. With plenty of sleep and more good eating, I can’t wait to finally end this cold and (hopefully) escape it for a few more years.  Read more

Meyer Lemon Muffins

One snowy and freezing day, in which outside temperatures hovered around 10° F, my apartment was filled with a clean lemony and early spring, floral smell of Meyer Lemon Muffins. These aren’t super sweet muffins mimicking cupcakes. They have an earthy flavor from wheat flour, flax seeds and chia seeds as the glaze sweetens the muffins with an extra lemony taste. As temperatures continue to rise and extremely fall (in some places below 0° F), the taste and smell of these Meyer Lemon Muffins reminds us of early spring gardens as we watch snowflakes dance outside our windows.  Read more

Mediterranean-Inspired Salad with Cauliflower Couscous

Everyone has their own definition of what being healthy means. For me, it’s enjoying mostly–within my budget and whenever possible–organic food my body allows in moderation. Sure, organic cow’s whole milk is used when cooking, but drinking a glass of whole milk isn’t for me. White sugar is gradually being replaced with coconut sugar (I’m giving away the white stuff). Wheat doesn’t affect me at all, but I’m experimenting with coconut flour. And, there’s plenty of soul recipes on this site with healthy alternatives, such as Black-eye Pea and Wild Brown Rice Risotto with Seared Baby Lamb Chops and Saute Swiss Chard, Duck and Turnip Stew with Dandelion Greens and Red Beans and Chicken with Wild RiceRead more

Lemon-Sage Chicken served with Scallions and Pine Nut Rice
Lemon-Sage Chicken served with Scallions and Pine Nut Rice

The Lemon-Sage Chicken served with Scallions and Pine Nut Rice is one of those recipes that almost didn’t make it online. It is too simple of a good dish. It’s so simple that it didn’t call for a post. There are no stories behind this recipe. Perhaps, the exception is the boyfriend firmly insisted I write about it. Why? He thinks this is one of the best dishes. He savored every bite. It caught him by surprise to learn this dish wasn’t being posted. Read more

Chicken Dill Salad Served with Mustard Vinaigrette Green Beans
Chicken Dill Salad Served with Mustard Vinaigrette Green Beans

Six months since starting this food blog, writing about food has become an unexpected newfound passion. The topics in my mind about food are as diverse as the spices on earth. Let’s talk from morning to night about ingredients, the environment, health, food, nutrition and recipes… on another day. This week there is little time for an all day conversation about these ravenous topics. As this post is being written, a silent prayer is being chanted: “Please, God, let this food post about the Chicken Dill Salad be short and savory. Taxes need to be filed, a design proposal, dinner for tonight that I have no idea…”

Viola, prayer granted! As this is a quickly written post, so is the recipe.

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