Get It Before It’s Gone

Apple Cider Beer Shrimp Boil

Sorry to break the news, but Summer is almost over. I agree… it went by fast. Winter seems as if it last forever. One day I was celebrating Spring at a tasting organized by Angry Orchard to introduce their seasonal Summer Honey Apple Hard Cider that is available from March into August. And, now I’m publishing a recipe using their Summer Honey into the late Summer.

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#SmoothieNumbers23: Blueberry Coffee

#SmoothieNumbers 23: Blueberry Coffee

#SmoothieNumbers 23: Blueberry Coffee is a refreshing drink with anti-oxidant blueberries and cold-brewed coffee. It’s an energizing drink to enjoy before running outside, on a treadmill, or a cardio workout.
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Our Moms Make the Best Potato Salad in the World

Creamy Herbal Potato Salad

In Lee Daniels’ The Butler, Oprah Winfrey’s character, Gloria Gaines, the matriarch of her family, is introduced peeling potatoes. In another scene, she’s telling a friend the secret to her famous potato salad: Dill. Ironically, this Creamy Herbed Potato Salad was made weeks before the movie debuted. Although this salad doesn’t use dill, this is a recipe to experiment with your favorite combination of herbs.  Continue reading Our Moms Make the Best Potato Salad in the World

Cornmeal Lime Cookies

Cornmeal Lime Cookies

Butter makes the world go round. Flavors swirl happily in it. We worship it. It’s a bit disheartening to see recipes using butter-flavored substitutes. It’s a marketing ploy to get people to eat healthy. Butter, another ingredient enjoyed for thousands of years, has been bullied into an unhealthy label. Guess what? Those butter-flavored substitutes are processed, artificial concoctions. Please serve the healthy and real dairy from the almighty golden cow (or goat). Besides, the health benefits of using real ingredients far exceed processed food. Continue reading Cornmeal Lime Cookies

Orange Pomegranate Sandwich Cookies

Orange Pomegranate Sandwich Cookies
Orange Pomegranate Sandwich Cookies

The kids loved it! Well… the new proud big kids of an adorable baby girl. We’re all kids, regardless of our age, right? A couple months ago, I had quite a stressful week. A personal event occurred that remains us that life is never completely stable, and a dear friend passed away. It was a momentous week. The day after the unexpected funeral, there was my friend’s scheduled baby shower. I showed up shamefully empty handed without a gift, but the party was fun. I promised the mother to visit her with a homemade cake as a gift, because she was craving sweets. However, a short time afterwards, my phone beeped a text message, for she had become a new mother. To respect her family’s time, I decided to wait until after Thanksgiving to schedule a visit. Continue reading Orange Pomegranate Sandwich Cookies