Coleslaw Needs Another Chance

Zucchini Fennel Coleslaw
Zucchini Fennel Coleslaw

While my mother is visiting relatives in California, I tried calling her cell phone, but she didn’t answer. The second attempt was successful by calling my grandmother’s house directly. It was my aunt who picked up the phone. She’s made for hilarious conversations. She brought dinner from a Chinese restaurant, in which my mother claimed she wasn’t going to eat. I know that type of response, because I’m her daughter. We both don’t crave Chinese take-out meals. However, eventual hunger wins as we scoop whatever fried, high-fructose corn derivative and artificial flavoring concoction that is only served outside of Asia, onto our plates.

Mom asked what I was making for dinner, in which I told her coleslaw and seared scallops. Like most mothers who know their daughters, curiously she questioned my dislike for coleslaw. It’s true, I don’t like it. Neither does the boyfriend. When I served it for dinner, he hesitated for a millimeter of a second. That quick moment of hesitation is a rare occurrence, because instant memories of eating coleslaw from a popular fast-food, fried chicken business serving their gooey, bland version flashed in his head. My coleslaw memory was of my father’s traditional mayonnaise-based version. It’s tasty, but I didn’t crave it. Our memories of coleslaw are of bad taste. Continue reading Coleslaw Needs Another Chance

Seared Tuna served with Black-eyed Peas and Peach Salad

Seared Tuna served with Black-eye Peas with Peach and Raw Grated Beet Salads
Seared Tuna served with Black-eye Peas with Peach and Raw Grated Beet Salads

The Seared Tuna with the Black-eyed Peas and Peach Salad was served a few weeks ago, when it was too hot to cook. As this post is being written, the weather is cooler. Clouds fill the sky. The ground is damp from last night’s rain. Do I crave this meal in cooler weather like this? Not quite, but I’m posting this meal regardless of the weather. It’s still summer. It’s the middle of August. I’m hoping for more hot days, even if fall is quite a few weeks away. Right now, I’m focusing on this beautiful weather, rain or shine. Peaches, plums, figs, nectarines are at their best this time of year. It’s a coincidence that these fruits pair well with cinnamon and nutmeg, too. Perhaps, they’re sweet fruits warming us into the fall. Continue reading Seared Tuna served with Black-eyed Peas and Peach Salad

Salads for Breakfast

Healthy Alternative Breakfast: Two Salads
Healthy Alternative Breakfast: Two Salads

The traditional American breakfast usually consist of pancakes, waffles, bacon, grits, sausages or frittatas. Honestly, these meals take too much time to prepare in mornings were time is short. There are faster alternatives. In the summer, an abundance of fresh, local produce are available that make great salads. Salads for breakfast, you ask? Yes. Let’s expand the concept of a salad. Some people think green leaves are too harsh to digest early in the morning. I agree, but baby greens are less harsh. Lightly sautéed spinach, beet and swiss chard greens can be prepared and served in less than five minutes (Meal planning tip: Wash and cut greens the night before). They pair well with Easy Fried Eggs that take less than one minute to serve. My favorite summer breakfast is the basic tomato, fresh mozzarella and basil salad. It’s delicious with drizzled olive oil and a splash of balsamic vinegar. Sprinkle a little salt and pepper to draw out the flavors more. Sometimes, it’s garnished with toasted pine nuts and chopped kalamata olives. Another salad was made with the same dressing and garnish by using boiled eggs. No greens are included in those salads, and both paired well with crusty, wheat bread. Both salads are usually served as a side dish for lunch and dinner. Just as pancakes can be served for dinner, many light dinner recipes can be served for breakfast as well. Let’s think creatively about breakfast, and start our days on the healthy side. Continue reading Salads for Breakfast

Summertime and the Living is Easy Salad

A Summer Salad
A Summer Salad

Summertime, summertime, summertime
and the living is, living is easy
Fish are, I know the fish are jumping
and cotton is so high
Your daddy is so, so rich and your mama good-
she had to be good-looking
so hush, little baby, don’t you cry
don’t you cry, no no, don’t cry
no need to cry, don’t cry, don’t cry
summertime, summertime…
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Baby Potatoes, Summer Squash and Turkey Bacon Hash

Baby Potato, Summer Squash and Turkey Bacon Garnished with Basil

Summer squash is the antithesis to my love of eating beets. The moment the Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) share included two pounds of summer squash, my stomach started turning. A deep breath was inhaled. Memories of sauté summer squash slowly unraveled. This is the summer to make peace with this squalid yellow vegetable. Continue reading Baby Potatoes, Summer Squash and Turkey Bacon Hash