Wine and Food: NY Autumn Apple Prosciutto Pizza and Riesling

Goat Cheese, Apple and Proscuitto Pizza
By Janelle Carter of and Sanura Weathers of

On one of the last days of Summer, I met Janelle of the at Chelsea’s Market with a pizza box. She met me with bottles of wine in hand. We set off towards the High Line park, learned about the anti-alcohol laws in New York City’s parks with a firm verbal warning, and returned to Chelsea’s Market to eat our coveted fine meal with wine secretly hidden in a brown paper bag. After comparing which wine paired best with the pizza, we parted ways. She left for Washington D.C. and me for Brooklyn. Next month, we’ll meet again for the second installment of our monthly collaboration of pairing wine with food.  Read more

Two Forgotten Green Apples Turned into Muffins

Apple Muffins
Apple Muffins

Two forgotten green apples sat in a fruit bowl as days passed away. Their tart, crisp attitude gave way to soften centers. Their bright skin became oily and dull. They were breaking down from neglect. Finally, they were rediscovered, but it was thought to be too late. No longer good eaten raw, the irresponsible owner placed a foot on the trashcan’s pedal to open the lid. Suddenly, a wild card thought crossed the mind. The melting of butter, measuring ingredients, and breaking eggs into a single bowl commences. The apple’s old skin was peeled away revealing a slightly soften texture and a bruised flesh. Their core was carved away, and the apples were diced to tiny pieces. The pieces were bathed in a cinnamon batter. Scooped into paper muffin cups. Sprinkled with brown sugar and nuts. They were placed into the oven. Two forgotten green apples were reborn as Apple Muffins.

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