Dirty Chai Pumpkin Muffins with Chocolate Ganache
I wanted a special pumpkin muffin—like a unique Halloween costume—to stand out among the store-bought versions. Inspired by the flavors of warm spice tea and bitter coffee you find in a “dirty chai” drink, this is a muffin to nibble on while sipping coffee (or black tea) in a thermos as kids trick and treat in the neighborhood. As an added treat, the muffins are sweetly topped with a generous drizzle of bittersweet chocolate ganache. Here’s a warning: Be careful of kids performing magic tricks, causing these muffins to disappear into the ghostly night. Read more

Nutty Butternut Squash Pancakes With Baked Apples

Like its winter cousins, acorn squash and pumpkins, butternut squash are naturally sweet. They’re the dessert of the dinner table. Since discovering butternut squash a few years ago, I’ve enjoyed them, because they’re easier to prep with their subtle ridges and smaller cavities. (Make sure to use a sharp knife.)  Read more

Blackberry Wheat Muffins
Blackberry Wheat Muffins

Wheat flour is the new experimental ingredient in the kitchen. It has a bit of a heartier and earthier taste. It’s unusually made with a rich sweetener, such as molasses or maple syrup; to tame it’s coarseness. Since this blog has started, the purchase of white flour is more frequent. Ordinarily, I should try to reduce the amount of baked recipes, but the thought of experimenting with other types of grainier flours was intriguing. Then, quickly baked goods could be part of a healthy breakfast on a weekday morning. Read more