Knockout Peanut Butter Smoothie Sweepstakes: Maple Peanut Butter and Earl Grey Tea Smoothie

Maple Peanut Butter and Earl Grey Tea Smoothie

Rocky: [Rocky is trying to make out with Adrian on their first date] Will you do me a favor? Take off these glasses.

[Rocky takes off Adrian’s frumpy glasses, revealing her beautiful eyes]

Rocky: Now take off this hat.

[Takes off her unattractive hat, revealing her dark, lovely hair. Adrian is beautiful and Rocky is appreciative]

Rocky: I always knew you was pretty…

Adrian: [Adrian looks at him, disbelieving] Stop teasing me.

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Never Forget these Pecan Bars

Pecan Bars

Potato Chips, fruity and hard candies, twirly sugar sticks, chewy caramels, salty pretzels and raw nuts were not my childhood friends. Among the most offending taste were raw nuts. The taste of peanuts are what I image wood to taste like, but I love peanut butter. And, I will never understand people’s obsession with salted sunflower seeds as they spit speckled shells onto subway train floors. Then there’s the pecans. They’re a different nut.

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