Bed-Vyne Wine Shop Postcard

There’s a new wine store in my Brooklyn neighborhood. The shop, Bed-Vyne Wine, is located on the corner Tompkins and Putnam. In their small, specially designed space, their selection of wines is organized by taste: Earthy, Floral, Sweet, Port, Sparkling and so forth. It makes searching for wine quite easy for burgeoning oenophiles (myself included that category). Read more


Celebrate the Fourth of July weekend with a few cocktails. Craig Samuel, co-owner of Peaches Restaurant in Bedford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn has three special drinks for the July 4th weekend (they’re probably available year round, tell the bartender sent you): Blackberry Smash Infused with Blackberry Vodka, White Julep (a variation on a mint julep using clear corn liquor), and Stuyvesant Sidecar. Their signature cocktail, The Brownstone Punch is the popular sweet thirst-quencher with the locals. Read more

Pistachio flavored Donuts at Donut Plant.
Pistachio flavored Donuts at Donut Plant.

Nicole Taylor of Hot Grease, an online radio show at, organized a “Donut Crawl” on Saturday, March 19th, 2011. The event started at Dough on 305 Franklin Avenue in Brooklyn. I’ve had their hibiscus donuts, and they are quite delicious. Read more

The neighborhood is in need of a bakery. It seems like a half-bake idea. One day, I’m perusing New York Magazine’s ‘Grub Street’ section online. There’s an article, First Look: SCRATCHbread Rises in Bed-Stuy, about someone having the same dream, for they’re actively trying to open a bread shop in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn, New York. Out of excitement, I sent an email to them requesting an interview. In between making the dream of having a bake shop in the neighborhood a reality, Alyssa Alpine and Matthew J. Tilden of ScratchBread agreed to answer a few questions. Read more