Ricotta Pancakes served with The Republic of Tea's Summer Tea

Since I’ve returned to working from 9 to 5, Saturday is the only day of the week, in which I can sleep in without waking up to an alarm clock. Meanwhile, the boyfriend wakes up super early to train clients or box with friends. A couple weeks ago, he started asking about breakfast (or brunch) being ready by casually mentioning the time he was returning home from the gym. The hints were well taken, and I realize our Saturday breakfast ritual was missed.

I’ve been meaning to make Ricotta Cheese Pancakes for a while, but my body won’t allow me to wake up early enough to make them. When the boyfriend dropped the hint of what time he was returning from the gym on Saturday morning as early as Thursday night, I made sure to purchase ricotta cheese for the weekend. Lucky for me, the time he was returning home still allowed a few extra hours of happy sleep.

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Seared Tuna served with Black-eye Peas with Peach and Raw Grated Beet Salads
Seared Tuna served with Black-eye Peas with Peach and Raw Grated Beet Salads

The Seared Tuna with the Black-eyed Peas and Peach Salad was served a few weeks ago, when it was too hot to cook. As this post is being written, the weather is cooler. Clouds fill the sky. The ground is damp from last night’s rain. Do I crave this meal in cooler weather like this? Not quite, but I’m posting this meal regardless of the weather. It’s still summer. It’s the middle of August. I’m hoping for more hot days, even if fall is quite a few weeks away. Right now, I’m focusing on this beautiful weather, rain or shine. Peaches, plums, figs, nectarines are at their best this time of year. It’s a coincidence that these fruits pair well with cinnamon and nutmeg, too. Perhaps, they’re sweet fruits warming us into the fall. Read more