#SmoothieNumbers 33: Minty Wtrmln Wtr and Blueberry

Dad always had a knack for influencing my senses. Once a babysitter’s sister smoked cigarettes while we were in a car. I loved the smell. Until I told Dad. Back then, no one knew about the dangers of second-hand smoke, but Dad (a former smoker, in which Mom beat the habit out from him) knew the smell was terrible, which led to his speech about the dangers of smoking cigarettes. It was the ultimate ‘do not smoke’ conversation. The following day, we rode in the back seat of the babysitter’s car. The sitter’s sister pulls out a cigarette to start puffing away. And, all of the sudden, my nose didn’t enjoy her smoke anymore. I rolled down the window. The sitter yelled at me to roll the window up, “…because the air conditioner is on!” In an attempt to filter the smoke from my nose, I used my hand to cover my nose, my head away from her and I buried my face into the car seat. The babysitter’s sister made jokes about my dislike for the smell of cigarettes as she continued to casually puff away. Thankfully, she didn’t light another one.

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#SmoothieNumbers 28: Pineapple Carrot and Guava

#SmoothieNumbers 28: Pineapple Carrot Guava

Stop the press! There’s a vegetable in this #SmoothieNumber, and its barely noticeable in this tropical frozen drink of pineapples and guava juice.

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#SmoothieNumbers 26: Turmeric Mango

Turmeric Mango Smoothie

A trendy, uber healthy ingredient with a long list of benefits, turmeric has a similar taste to ginger, but it’s not ginger. As a popular Indian spice, it pairs with sweet mango for a smoothie with a flavorful kick.
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#SmoothieNumbers 25: Maca Blood Orange & Pineapple

#SmoothieNumbers 25: Maca Blood Orange & Pineapple

#SmoothieNumbers 25: Maca Blood Orange & Pineapple. An energizing drink without the caffeine jitters as Navita Natural’s raw maca powder helps the body to quickly adjust to stress.

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#SmoothieNumbers 24: Raspberry Apple Cider

#SmoothieNumbers 23: Raspberry Apple Cider

#SmoothieNumbers 24: Raspberry Apple Cider’s flavor remind me of a warm day in autumn. Use any type of apple, such as a macoun or granny-smith, in this sweet and slightly tart drink.  Continue reading #SmoothieNumbers 24: Raspberry Apple Cider